Are you experiencing a new challenging life event that you don’t know how to respond to? Are you experiencing situational stressors like relationship challenges, job stress, financial crisis or loss? Or maybe you are going through a more internal struggle such as anxiety, or feelings of inadequacy, panic, doubt, or depression?

Psychotherapy can be a practical way of responding to any of these life challenges. Over many years, I have developed a simple, yet effective approach to therapy that provides deep, abiding support to each individual I work with. I intend to see the unique personal story you bring to my consultation room. This support helps to give you a fresh perspective and to understand the life issues you are facing and to develop a solution-focused response. Yes, the aim is to find solutions, and my consultation room is a laboratory where actual life strategies are developed. The intent is that at the end of each session you will take with you a fresh perspective on the problem and new skills to practice.

My approach focuses largely on the memories held in the body and the creative way the mind interprets the past to create each individual’s unique way of being in the world. Each aspect of these uniquely creative coping styles has been exquisitely developed throughout the lifetime to conquer psychological obstacles. Some of the solutions the “body/mind” has constructed may not currently be effective… That is probably why you are seeking therapy now.

Deciding to engage in psychotherapy is an act of courage. It is not easy to ask for help, especially if you don’t know how therapy might help. If you have been trying to cope with stressful situations for a while now, it is time to try something new and get the support you deserve. Therapy is a practical way of investing in a positive, happier tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by here and please look around a bit. If you have any questions or just want to talk further about how it all works, please call me for a brief telephone consultation. I am here to help.